Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mom's Wish

So I am a bit behind on my wish list for Mother's Day but in all honesty, the hubs doesn't really shop until the day before anyhow. I decided to make it easy and list items from the mall 2 minutes away from our home. Here are my top 7 picks.

You know I live in denim but the one thing I do not have is a brown belt to hold up my slouchy boyfriend jeans. 

I have a fun arm party going on with my gold bangles, cuffs and thin chain bracelets but I do not have a gold watch. This is more than a need than a want.

I just love shoes and fringe.

I also love leopard.

I had the same faux leather jacket for years and had to rid of it this year. I love that this looks so similar.

I feel in love with this ring years ago. We found a similar one from the Swarovski outlet and even though it was a bit tight, I batted my eyelashes and walked off with a new ring. Recently, on my trip to Miami it cracked and I was told it could not be fixed. It is the first time I cried over a piece of jewelry. I still remember how cold it was the night I bought it, the chocolate truffle mocha I was drinking and even the feeling I had the first time I wore it. If nothing else...if nothing else.

In the end, these are all material things. Nothing makes me happier than an hour long shower without being bothered, a morning latte and all the kisses and giggles a mom can get. Happy Mother's Day to you mommies! 

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