Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My S/S Beauty Wish

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So with Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought I would take some time to create some "lists" for those in my life to follow. I love to look bronzed during the warmer months. I am, of course, talking JLo glow and not Snookied out. That also means my make up routine gets a lot simpler i.e. no foundation or concealer. 

1. Bobbi Brown Rich Color in Lilac. As if I do not have a million and one lipsticks, I really think this could be the one...to wear all season of course. 

2. Trish McAvoy Thickening Mascara. Who doesn't want thick full lashes when nothing else is going on around those eyes.

3. MORE LASHES. I have tons of false lashes because of course, when all else fails, right? This time I want some a bit longer lasting. Sin Cosmetics in Chicago offers applications that last well over a week. Sign me up!

4. Hoola by Benefit. Who is going to be bronzed without bronzer? 

5. Bloomies Gift Card. Yes, please. This one is just in case you missed something on the list. Also, I will not discriminate. I take Barney's as well.

6. VS Body Glow.  All over my legs, abs, arms...pssshhh...body hello. 

Oh and in case the man in my life needed to know the last thing on my list. I want to Dance Again!

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