Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moms are Crazy and I am Certifiable

Source: via Yanira on Pinterest

My daughter attends play school two days out of the week. It barely gives me enough time to blog, work on my side projects, house work and my actual "out of the house" job. I grab my laptop and head over to the Starbucks 2 minutes down the road from her school. Maybe it is my addiction to mocha lattes or my insane inability to let go but I like being right here. With my heart in one hand (they use scissors in school after all) and my latte in another. Even though I am looking at my phone every 5 minutes in case the school calls and tells me something bad has happened, it gives me a bit of a break to breathe for a moment. Sure I spend my Sunday mornings on Pinterest but I have her running around damn near tearing the house apart. Mondays I try and spend the entire day blogging while my mother is watching her in the next room. I hear every tantrum, every meltdown and every so often have to stop mid sentence to do a puzzle with her or have her sit in my lap while she shuts down my unsaved work. The rest of the week is a variation of this, work, timeouts, sing alongs, clients and it is just non stop. So here I am in my safe place (written on a Tuesday) with my latte, writing in my planner, organizing my week, planning the next, people watching, shamelessly and unapologetically browsing This is me time... that I spend watching my phone and missing the chaos.

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