Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Only 3 Products You Need to Grow Out Your Hair Now

I promised myself two things by the time I turn 30. One, have lunch under the Eiffel Tower (unlike Guy de Maupassant I think it is beautiful) and two, have my curls down my back the way it was in college. It was that wild, long and crazy hair that I believed made the hubs fall in love in the first place. I figured since I get scissor happy every three months, I would give myself a year and a half to get my hair where it needs to be. However, it doesn't come without self control and the help of these three key products.

1. Hair oil

I discovered this product a while ago but it wasn't until an emergency bobbi pin run at Rick's NYC in Astoria, Queens that I actually tried it. Guess what? It works. Be sure to not use too much of this oil as it does weigh hair down a bit, a small price to pay for longer locks.

2. A clean scalp

I received a sample of this product when I went to Hispanicize and then again in the mail from Influenster. I cannot wash my hair with any other shampoo now. My hair is softer, fuller, more manageable and CLEAN!!!!

3. An old fashioned brushing

I have wanted this brush for a long time but the price always scared me. I ended up getting the pocket size for a fraction of the cost and absolutely love it. It takes me twice as long to brush my hair but did I mention a fraction of the cost? Although the more I use it, the more I think I will splurge for the full size.

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