Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Decorate on a Budget {Master Bedroom}

Moving into our new place has been no walk in the park, emotionally or financially but here we are. We have moved twice since the end of September and by the first of November called the new place home. Anyway, here we are and for a while...a long while. I'm glad since the place is a spacious (1650 sq ft) 2 bedroom condo steps away from public transportation and underground garage. I am happy. Now I just need to decorate and on a majorly tight budget which means time. It will take a while to make this place a home but so far my bedroom is coming along nicely.

 Use items from another room: These Missioni for Target pillows were in my daughter's room. Now that she is in a "princess only" phase, the pillows were the perfect touch to my neutral room.

 Designer collaborations: I would love to buy fancy things but the truth is, they just have to look fancy and last. This combo from the Nate Berkus for Target collection was $75 each. Not quite the amazing saving I would have liked but I instantly fell in love with the lamps.

Make your own art: I used ads that I loved from W and V magazine. The frames were a lucky dumpster find and the mat board less than $15 total.

Use large frames: This is obviously a $10 poster but instead of being tacked on the wall, we used a frame from Target for only $39.99. The size alone add luxury.

Display memories: We bought this little guy on our first major family vacation to the Dominican Republic in 2011. He was a $5 find from a street vendor.

Comparison shop: We needed a new bed. I wanted upholstered but the prices were too high, like the $1900 piece I found at Macy's. After searching for a bed for over a year, we found one the day before we moved in and only $495. Some things are worth waiting for.

Add detail: My side dressers are from Ikea and were cheap. I added a few handles and they instantly look better. I also like the contrast of metals with the pulls and my lamps.

It is still a work in progress but what home isn't. In the meantime, I will be moving on to the living room.

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