Monday, January 14, 2013

Ballet Class {Motherhood Monday}

"She looks so cute. She'll do everything Mommy always wanted to do." My mother was referring to me. I always wanted to do ballet when I was younger but my mother always said no because she "spent so much money" on my brother's activities and he always quit. She said I would do the same. She meant well I guess. It had taken years to get over the undeserving resentment I had as a child towards my brother and while I do not think of that much now it still hurts.

I was so excited about Analiese's first day of ballet since yes, mommy did get to finally dance once I was in high school and joined my school's dance program. She is a little me but something my mother said hit me hard.  My daughter is an only child (hopefully only for now) and while it was her idea to take ballet, I try not to push. Right after her first lesson she told me she wanted to do karate also because "girls can do that too". I'm working on finding a class for her. I want her to find that one thing she loves and until she does, I'll be there every time she changes her mind.


  1. Love this! So, so true babes. I think it's awesome she wants to take karate. That's a great confidence booster ;-).


    1. Thanks. I'm still trying to find a class for 3 year olds that is within budget.


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