Monday, February 4, 2013

Gratitude and the Work Load {Motherhood Monday}

photo via my instagram

I sometimes take for granted how lucky I have been. Let me rephrase that. It seems as though I always take for granted what I have. I was given a gentle reminder not too long ago. I work outside of the home now no more than 2-3 days a week. Financially, it is not always ideal for our lifestyle, but it works. I dedicate the rest of the week to my blog and my side project which mainly I do from home or the occasional Starbucks, though that is rare these days. I get side tracked though. A lot. It took a little gentle reminder from my husband to finally get the ball rolling. To make a long story short, he basically said to either do it or shut up about it and stop worrying if I do it by myself because ultimately, I have always done it by myself. He will help me when it gets to be too much, but if I wanted something so bad, no one was going to give it to me but me. If I fail, what do I lose? Nothing because ultimately he works crazy long hours so I can do what I want, when I want and where I want. It is not a luxury most of us have but a luxury I have been lucky enough to have been given. To add icing to the cake, he usually washes the dishes after dinner, he cleaned up after our Superbowl party and a few weekends ago cleaned most of the house while I was away so I can get organized, and then he put our daughter to bed by himself while I was home. That last one is a rarity and one that touched my heart more than he would ever think it would. I do get tired because working from home with a hyped up toddler is not always ideal, but I do get to spend a lot of time with her during these early years. So, to my husband, who yells when I spend too much, gets grossed out at my obsessive midnight munchies, who thinks my mean sarcasm is hilarious and who does so much for our daughter and way too much for me, thank you. For allowing me to enjoy the job I've always wanted...motherhood.

PS You can now find him on Twitter as of yesterday most likely discussing sports or politics. I'm sure it will be mainly about sports...and politics.

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