Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Springtime on Gilt

Even though the streets in Chicago are still covered in snow and despite the fact that my toddler and I spent over an hour playing outside today, I cannot wait much longer for Spring. It is not the heat I am after but Springtime in this city is one of the best. And with that comes a lot of walking. How else would you look cute and be comfortable if it wasn't for the classic espadrilles, wedged of course?! If you love this iconic shoe style, be sure to thank the Spanish brand and family by the same name, Castañer. You can also thank YSL (yes, as in Yves) in commissioning the first wedge back in the 1960's with the brand's current designer, Isabel CastañerCastañer has been making espadrilles since the Spanish Civil War. Now that is a long time to stay on top considering this style comes out every Spring, year after year and every year we welcome it with open arms. While, I love the originals, it seems that buying it at full price right now would throw off my budget. 

What is that?

Oh, the are going on sale in the US on Gilt tonight at 9pm? 

Oh, why didn't you say so. 

Budgets at ease, this one will be a breeze, only a slight dent. This was to be my post for tomorrow but let's be honest, your size will be gone by then. Time for some online shopping. You're welcome. 

Find out more about the brand here.

I was not compensated for this post and will be buying my own pair with my own money. Okay, maybe not my own money but with the hubs money but same thing right?

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