Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Work from Home Mommy Uniform

I am not sure if you all have noticed but mommy bloggers seem to be taking over the world. While some are documenting their triumphs, their struggles and offering us much needed advice from the comfort of the playroom, others are building businesses. Yup. Take for example, my friend Sili over at My Mamihood, who launched what will be a social/consultation/sassy pants mastermind of a business. Now, to say I love this girl is an understatement and to say I hate her unending love of yoga pants is as well. We get lazy, resort to just comfort and casualness, forgetting that it could be chic as well. We is the keyword because I have been guilty as well. Here are 5 must haves for the mommy blogger who works like a boss.

1. The Versatile Dress: Finding a dress that is comfortable enough to sit in all day  and run around in as well, is hard to find unless you resort to a plain cotton piece. This one from Old Navy, is a great price point, works for emergency Skype meetings, last minute errands like having to stop writing to rush across town to pick up your kid from ballet and even great for a date night.

2. Bold Sneakers: I use to tell everyone that I didn't own sneakers, and I didn't. I wore heels, a lot. After becoming a mom, my love of flats grew and soon there after, sneakers made their was into my life. Now, just because I am working it out casual doesn't mean it has to be sloppy. This are from a collaboration between Keds and Kate Spade, and a heaven sent.

3. Fun Notebooks: Staring at a screen all day will kill you if not turn you into the walking dead. Great show, by the way. It will also kill your creativity. I'm pumped and ready to go after being away from my computer for a few days. It is great to have a notebook handy to jot down ideas.

4. Coffee: This is for my sanity. My kid is non stop from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to bed. I can get a good hour out of the day if I pull the lazy mom card and hand her my iPad and two if she naps, otherwise I'm stuck going to bed at unspeakable hours just to get my projects done or if I want to shower. Shame I know. I love Starbucks but this Latina suggests refilling that cup with some good ole Bustelo!

5. A Watch: Yes, I am Puerto Rican. Yes, I have a problem being on time. But humorous stereotypes aside, wearing a watch makes multi tasking at home a breeze. Morning coffee, emails, commenting on other blogs, checking social media, updating fan page, reading press releases and oh, it is time for lunch. If it wasn't for this watch, my kid would probably still be at play school. I usually have to drag her out  anyway, and according to my watch, it takes me a whole 15 mins. I praise you, Anne Klein.

Whether you are a mommy blogger, non-mommy blogger, work from home mom or even a stay at home mom, getting dressed not only makes you more productive, it makes you feel better about yourself.


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