Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tutu Cute {Reader Request}

Hey look I posted more than once today? Who is proud of me? I know, I'm on my ishhh. I received a message on my FB fan page letting me know that the items in these two images from my Pinterest, where very much needed and stat. Her birthday is this month and her little one, well, it is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Baby! Anyway, I can easily send her off to a friend who is awesome at creating custom pieces but he takes his time, you know, perfection reasons. So I hit up Etsy and found Mama's tutu here, here, and here. Oh and I almost died when I saw the dresses for a little Hepburn in the making here, here and this one tops it. Hope this helps. Anyone else need help finding something? Find me here. Goodnight.

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