Monday, May 21, 2012

Bite This

A shopper's dream

This was on Tuesday after my last meeting. I know, I'm such a tourist.

The heels came off in this city

I will go in next time and come home with all my "needed" coffee table books.

I apologize for the radio silence last week. I had so much going on. So this time last week, I was in La Gran Manzana (Big Apple).  Last Monday was a long day filled with meetings and a lot of coffee. In the morning, I was able to attend the The Make Up Show, more about that tomorrow and meet up with one of my favorite NYC gals. I had a little break so I hit up Bleecker St where I not only saw Hilary Swank but fell in love with a jacket at Sandro. I do not know which was more exciting but I am guessing the latter. People do not excite me as much as gold jackets do. I finally saw BOOKMARC, the bookstore by Marc Jacobs but looking at my watch, had to hail a cab to my next meeting. After a quick wardrobe change at my hotel, I made my way to Fred's at Barney's to have lunch with my friend Dan. Dan considered me one of the top blogueras (bloggers) to follow on just last month. It was great to reconnect. Two meetings and one sushi dinner later, I made my way back to my hotel to crash and burn. 

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