Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Casual Glam

pants/pantalones: Find similar here, shoes/zapatos: Vera Wang, jewelry/joyas: my shop, top/camisa: my shop

images by Fred Brown

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend Recap

I started my weekend tired and sleepless but thanks to my Starbucks latte, I functioned extremely well on Saturday. I worked a major event and rocked out on make up applications.

El fin de semana fue un poco difícil porque estaba cansada pero gracias a mi cafecito funcione muy bien el Sábado. Trabaje un evento grande de maquillaje. 

But then I got to spend some time with my wonderful husband.

Pero después pase el tiempo con mi querido esposo.

 We all went out for breakfast at our favorite spot.

Fuimos todos a desayunar a nuestro restaurante favorito.
And we finished up the week with a bit of retail therapy at Diesel and Michael Kors.  All in all a great weekend.

Y terminamos este fin de semana de compras en Diesel y Michael Kors. Sobre todo perfecto!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Trends, 1 Outfit: ColorBlock

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

Mixing so many trends can work if you find the right balance. Here we see a love for stripes, polka dots, neon pink, color blocking and black nail polish. All very strong trends this Spring. Yes, black nails are back this Spring. How does it work? Well, you are color blocking the red and pink, so your other trends should be neutral or basic colors. The polka dots and stripes are bold but they are both navy, they do not compete with your color blocking. So tell me, would you dare?

Para usar todas estas tendencias, tienes que buscar balanza. Aquí estamos usando rayas, puntos, un rosa fuerte, un color-block, y esmalte negro. Todos son tendencias que vamos a ver esta primavera. Si el esmalte negro va ser muy popular en primavera. Que dices, lo intentas todos a una vez?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing With Color

shirt/camisa: Old Navy, jewelry/joyas: Charlotte Russe, pants/pantalones: Nordstrom, shoes/zapatos: Steve Madden

I wear a lot of black but I do really love color. I thought this would be fun, my mild attempt at color blocking.

Uso mucho el negro pero si me encanta usar color, especialmente algo divertido como esto.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Beautiful Week: Take Note

Yes, it has been a beautiful week. I picked up a few things that make it even prettier.

1. No more teeny bopper hair accessories or plain hair ties. I've upgraded to a more chic style, like this one from Goody.
2. A lip plumper is never needed, if you refer to my pictures and see my lips but in this case, it was. My lips have been terribly dry and I love matte lipsticks so of course that doesn't help but this worked wonders. Not only did it moisturize but the "plump" is more of a smoothing that makes my lips look sexier and smoother. I bow down to you Laura Mercier lip plumper in "Lychee".
3. I usually splurge on a new bronzer as the weather gets warmer and use it in place of blush. In fact, I have been addicted to Almond by Bobbi Brown blush this winter but I needed a hint of pink. Naked pink by Bobbi Brown was what I needed. I have been wearing that alone, with no foundation and no eye or lip color and received so many compliments!
4. I have tried every treatment under the sun for dry scalp out there and yet my condition just seems to get worse. On Friday, I walked into the salon by my house during a morning run to see what they can do. For $15 they gave me a Moroccan dry oil treatment that included a scalp massage. It didn't rid entirely and she said it would take a while but it already looks and my hair looked amazing after.
5. I am not a big fragrance wearer and have my favorite few that I wear on special occasions but I have always loved Sexy 9 by Trish McEvoy. After years of loving it in silence, I got my hands on the roller parfum to put in my purse.

Wouldn't finding luck in every single product you got at once without fail make it a beautiful week? It does for me.

Si, es una semana bella y tengo unas cositas que lo hace mas especial.

  1. No mas accesorios de pelo que parecen ser de chicos. Tengo ahora algo mas chic como este de Goody.
  2. Mis labios están tan secos últimamente pero este gloss labial de Laura Mercier era lo que necesitaba. Aunque el gloss es para ser lo labios mas llenos y Dios sabe que yo no necesito eso pero si se me ven mas lindos!
  3. Casi siempre me compro un polvo de bronce cuando la temporada este mas caliente pero en si lo que se me ve mejor ahora es un rubor como este de Bobbi Brown.
  4. Tengo el cabelludo bien seco y me esta volviendo loca. El viernes fue que me hagan un tratamiento de Moroccan Dry Oil y la diferencia es notable.
  5. Solamente uso perfume para ocasiones especiales pero el Sexy 9 de Trish McEvoy es bien lindo. Ahora tengo uno chico para mi bolso.

Que suerte que todo que trate esta semana me salo bien y eso hace ser esta semana ya súper bella!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Want to Hispanicize!

My Billboard in Times Square

At the Old Navy Showroom in NYC meeting amazing editors

@Univision talking back to school trends.

NY1 interview at Old Navy in Soho

With talking men style.
Holiday trends for Acceso Total in Miami

NotiMujer on CNN Live!

Being a Latina in America is a mix of being the modern woman and still holding on to those traditional values you grew up with. I find it to be challenging at times and fascinating at others. My career is something I work really hard at and being the idea of the perfect mom as well. This year, I became a Latina Mom  Blogger. It happened by chance.

I used to love writing but when I started working in the beauty industry and later the fashion industry as a stylist, I found no time for it. While on limited bed rest during my pregnancy with my daughter, I discovered blogs. I thought it would be fun to write a blog as a hobby but the sensation quickly faded and I dropped the ball on my blog. Once I picked it up again and started writing about what I know beauty, style and what my kid wears because there are a million personal style blogs but no one dresses cuter than my princess, I picked up some amazing I opportunities. More notably, I became the Latina spokesperson for Old Navy, appearing on Univision, CNN, a Billboard in Times Square and many others but what was truly amazing was that this was their first Latino campaign ever and I was a part of that. To me it felt like history. It is the moment I realized that people actually read my blog and that it no longer was a hobby, it was a business even thought my blog is still at times personal. In January I finally made my blog bilingual because I am not a blogger who happens to be Latina and is a mom, I truly am a Latina Mom Blogger. I'm still toying with that as I need not be defined by my tongue.

One would thing is that I would strive to make it to New York Fashion Week. I missed it this year but do plan on working hard at being there in September but right now what really has me on the edge of my seat is Hispanicize 2012.  When I was 19, I joined the Miss Puerto Rico Chicago pageant not to win a crown (though the Princess one still looks good, thank you) but to meet girls my age that speak my language, eat the same food and love the same music. It was and is important to me to be surrounded by the powerful and inspirational Latina woman . It is important to me that to my daughter, today I am that woman and tomorrow she will be also. Being part of Hispanicize is like being part of a movement and I plan on making waves.

Siendo Latina en los estados unidos es una mezcla de la mujer moderna y la mujer tradicional. Es difícil pero maravilloso a la misma vez. Siendo una “Latina Mom Blogger” fue algo que sucedo sin pensar.

Mi primer amor era la escritura pero cuando comencé a trabajar el la industria de la moda y la belleza, no tenia el tiempo para dedicarle. Cuando estaba embarazada con mi hija, estuve en cama casi todo el embarazo. En ese tiempo fue que descubrí lo que era un blog. Era el tiempo perfecto para comenzar de nuevo pero rápido lo deje porque no sabia que escribir. Poco a poco empece de nuevo, escribiendo sobre la moda, la belleza y la moda de mi hija. Con eso me llego una oportunidad increíble. Me contrataron para ser la estilista y experta de moda Latina para Old Navy. Salí en programas de televisión como CNN y Univision, en revistas y hasta tuve mi foto en Times Square en Nueva York. Pero, lo mas impresionante es que esto fue la primera vez que Old Navy le dedico un programa exclusivamente para los Latino, y yo era parte de eso. Para mi es como ser parte de historia. Fue el momento en que note que la gente leían mi blog y en Enero mi blog se convirtió en bilingüe.

Como trabajo de experta de moda y belleza, uno se cree que New York Fashion Week es algo que quiero y si pienso ir algún día pero es Hispanicize 2012 que me tiene bien entusiasmada. Al los 19, participe en un concurso de belleza puertorriqueño en Chicago, no para ganar aunque si tengo una corona pero para conocer otras Latinas jóvenes como yo. Era y es importante para mi tener al rededor Latinas influyente. Es importante que para mi hija yo también soy una Latina influyente y que en el futuro ella también sea. Ser parte de Hispanicize 2012 es como ser parte de ese movimiento social que me lleve a donde pienso llegar. 

My daughter, posing.

In her mother's heels!

This post was written as part of a contest to get me to Hispanicize 2012 in Miami, so let's get me there!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Do...Love This Ring

I have a beautiful wedding ring. The story about all the hard work my now husband put into getting makes it even more special. I tear up as I write this. However, just last week I asked my husband if he would marry me again. Not a going back in time thing but in the future, would we or rather can we get married again. I've always wanted a colored stone. In fact, for Mother's Day, he got me a white and blue sapphire ring to wear on my right hand. One day, my ring(s) will be my daughter's and I will need something to wear on my pretty little finger. Maybe something like this.

Tengo un anillo bello. El cuento en como mi esposo trabajo tanto para comprar mi anillo es mas especial todavía. La semana pasada, le pregunte a mi esposo si se casaba conmigo de nuevo. No quiero regresar a ese tiempo y cambiar nada pero mi gustaría tener otra celebración como de aniversario en el futuro. Siempre me a gustado la piedras de color y para el Día de las Madres el ano pasado, el me regalo un anillo de piedra azul. En verdad, algo como esto me gusta también a lo mejor para mi cumpleaños? 

 Bea Ring, $2,600, available at Anna Sheffield, 212-925-7010.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working The Bed

jeans/ bluyin: 7 for Mankind via Saks|  tops/camisas: Old Navy| jewelry/joyas: Nordstrom

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Adele for Vogue

Untitled #54

 I will be attempting this look today on V-day and I'll post the results for you next Tuesday. In case you have not noticed, all beauty looks are now posted Tuesdays. Kisses everyone and have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Voy hacer mi maquillaje así hoy y les enseño como el próximo Martes. Todo los Martes, aquí en Manolos, Manicures & This Mom hablamos sombre la belleza. Besos y que tengan un lindo dia de San Valentin.

Dear Husband Pt Deux

My Heart

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sending All My Love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It is going to be a beautiful day filled with hugs, kisses and promises of new love. For me, it's an excuse to wear pink, red and play dress up. Analiese and I will be printing up these free print-ables and baking lovely treats today as tomorrow is all mommy & daddy time!

Mañana va ser un día lindo, lleno de abrazos, besos y promesas de amores nuevos. Para me, es una excusa para vestirme de rosa y rojo. Analiese y yo vamos a mandar de estas tarjetas gratis y hacendo dulces hoy porque mañana es solo para sus padres!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Husband

1 | 23 | 4 | 5 | 6

Dear Husband,

Please use this as a guide to what I want. Please notice the pretty flowers. They are not last minute drugstore buys that most guys give their girls. They are the fancy ones you used to get me when you used to get me flowers. They do not have to be expensive, just pretty. The excuse that flowers just die will not work anymore unless you would like to replace it with cash. Lots of it. Oh, and stop laughing. Haha, love you!

Querido Esposo,

Usa eso como un guía para comprar mi regalo este día de San Valentin. Te cuenta en las flores. Estas no son flores de el supermercado. Estas son de las buenas. Son las que me comprabas cuando me comprabas flores. No me digas que las flores mueren para no compra las si no me piensas dar el dinero como alternativa. Y no te rías. Jaja, te amo! 

Wear What: V-Day

Girls Only

First Date

Wife Status

I love Valentine's Day but I don't think you have to be so literal in how you dress that day. Here are some great style alternatives for any occasion whether you will be spending the day with just the girls, on a first date or enjoying dinner with your husband like I will be. Anyone have special plans for their special day?

Me encanta el día de San Valentin pero pienso que tu vestuario no tiene que ser todo de rojo. Aquí tengo otras ideas para ese día especial. Aunque lo pases solo con tus amigas, saliendo por la prima ves con alguien especial, o con sus esposo como lo pienso pasar yo, estoy looks están bien a la moda pero no tan literal.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Giving Lip

shoes/zapatos: Vince Camuto | jewelry/joyas: Aldo, Nordstrom, Swarovski | clothes/ropa: vintage | lipstick/pintalabio: Bobbi Brown neon pink

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